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The Legacy, Volunteers and the Ugly Sister

31 Aug


The Olympics have been, the Paralympics are occuring and the countries enthusiasm to participate, support and get behind sport and activity is definatly on the increase. The legacy of the Olympics has started.

Voluteers are essential to the delivery of many of these activities to help children and young people to try new sport and adults to sample a new activity they have just seen on the tele. It’s great to see and hear people putting themselves forward to help and have ago.

And here comes the BUT…

Many of these oppprtunities are held in community buildings, which are managed by volunteers, maintained by volunteers and fundraised for by volunteers.

As you attend your next group or activity or maybe try a new hobby, take one step back and have a look at the building you are walking into. Have a good look round the room your are in. Ask yourself; does it took a bit tired? Is it looking like a lick of paint might help? Have you gone to use something that is broken or not available? How much does it cost to heat, light, provide water in this place?

The next step for most people is to ring or contact the committee and complain OR have a moan about it amongst themselves. What most won’t do is say “I have discovered a problem. Can I help?”

Many Community Buildings are crying out for help. One off help with a lick of paint, support to help run a fundraising event, fresh ideas to help promote facilities.

I am Chairman of such a building. Malling Community Centre is a voluntary run, community facility that provides a home for people to bring their children to pre-school, scouts, take part in Judo, Ju Jitsu, Zumba, have an opportunity to.train your dog, learn about spinning and weaving, provide a space for older peoples social group or try Short Mat Bowls, let alone support local football, have  a celebration or attend events plus more.

All this is done with a dedicated group of 8 committee members and one member of staff (the cleaner). “We 8” manage the building, raise funds, pay the bills, make repairs, host residents meetings, provide the marketing and try and plan for the future.

“We 8” are keen to provide the best facilities we can for all our users and are greatful for the support we have from our town council, local press and some.o our groups. Malling Community Centre has a full refurbishment in it’s near future but for now “We 8” are painting, washing, plastering, repairing, raising funds and publicising the facilities to ensure all those groups and people have a space to do their activities.

If you would like to support “We 8” to help maintain this resource, help run events please come and join us, let us know your out there.

This weekend (1st and 2nd September) we are painting and doing some minor repairs around the building. All welome for any length of time, skills or abilities

Or if what you would like is have some fun come and join in at our 1940s music and Dance night on 8th September from 7.30pm. Tickets on sale now for £5 at Malling Stores and Lewes Town Council or for £7 at the door on the night.

Or if there is something else you would like to offer to support this acility, all help is greatfuly received.

If your not a user of our facility or local enough to pop in and see what we do, why not take a look at your own community run facilities and see if you can offer an hour of your time.

For the Legacy to happen these facilities need your help!

Thank you for at least getting this far and reading about what we do. Imagne what we could do though if 8 became 9 or even more!!!

Find out more about us at
Twitter @MallingCA