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The Creation of My Own Little Sanctury

22 Jul


After 4 years of living in our home, the creation of 10 bonfire costumes, 1 wedding dress, 3 mens jackets, 4 pairs of curtains and numerous other sewing projects, all ftom the dining table, picnic table or the sofa, my rather clever husband is creating, just for me, my own little corner for my projects. The joy of marrying a carpenter!

For anyone who has a hobby, which takes up a bit of room, you may just understand my excitment of having this space. Plans are already a foot of what will live where, what my next creation will be and how it will all look.

I am not sure my husband quite shares the same enthusiasm i am now buzzing with, as I ask “when will it be ready?”, “could you just add one of these…?”, “will I be able too…?”. But then the realisation struck me, that while I will shortly have my own small corner to retreat to and play with, the sport season discussions of what is on the TV will shortly be gone, along with the choice of music, radio, room temprature etc. So in his creation, of my little sanctury, I believe what my husband is actually creating is his own piece of bliss to retreat into, where he will no longer have a gaggle of women turning up to disturb the football or suddenly offering to go to the bedroom to finish watching the film he was quite settled into watching. This really is a 2 birds one stone project.

Oh well what ever the motives, it will very soon be mine!

“Darling, is it nearly ready yet?”


A Whole New World

20 Jul


In this world of social media and sharing thoughts, opinions and general activities of the day, perhaps now is the time to start playing with a blog, and having enjoyed so many others, I hope I can do the format some justice.

I have no real idea what my theme will be or what direction this may take but as long as I enjoy doing it and have some fun playing with it, lets just see what happens and perhaps someone out there might just find it interesting enough to read. Stranger things have happened

There is nothing particularly unusual about me. I am not standing for election (although I have an unhealthy interest in local politics). I am not releasing a book or film (although I enjoy both). I am not selling a product (but if you ever see me at the boot-sale with a table please buy!), I have never been a diary keeper (so this may just be the time) and I am not world traveller (although if I have a good trip any where this may just be the place I let the planet know about it). SO what exactly is the point of doing this? I am asking myself this very question as I write this.

Well, I am Chairman of Malling Community Association, the main aim of which is to provide the premises of Malling Community Centre to the Malling area of Lewes and surrounding , for the benefit of people in the who live there.  hopefully, as time goes on, there may be moments of excitement that people may want to know about (or I may just want to shout about!), that might be of interest. It has been suggested I have one of those statements that say the opinions expressed here are my own and not, in any way, reflect the opinions of individual members (I think someone is worried I might say something controversial!)

I do spend far too much time researching my geneology and have become a bit of a family tree bore, exploring the social history and local connection to long dead relatives. This has become a little consuming and addictive over time as I attempt to dig further and further back into my family tree, trying to connect people, locations, events and dates, which I then dig around in like a good novel. hopefully if I blog about this at least the relatives will read it!

My other passion,apart from my husband(I will get in trouble if I don’t at least mention him) is to sew. Escapism in the form of Bonfire Costumes, either for myself , relatives or friends. Basically because I am still a little girl who never grew up and every so often I like to play dress up and loose myself in the spectacular which is the Bonfire Season, parading through towns, villages and streets, with a burning torch in my hand and series of explosions by my feet. What more could a girl want?

Apart from all of that, I am just a little bit opinionated and enjoy talking over topics with others. about things I never knew anything about. Sometimes I like to just put a thought out there and discover what people think. It does not mean I am right or that I can not even be convinced to change opinion, but it is fun to explore.

If you got this far, Thanks! and hopefully as time goes on I might just get the hang of it!